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Within Consilea, we design our desired digital world and working environment. Keep People Inspired is what Key Performance Indicators means for us. We are each other's inspiration and colleague. Our energy comes from Consilea herself.

Consilea culture and dynamics

What to expect from Consilea?


  • Continuous Support for Personal Development
  • Wellness and Well-being Activities
  • Engagement Activities
  • Small but a Big Company 
Diversity & Multiculturalism
Diversity and multiculturalism take into account the viewpoint that individuals are simply individuals. Our success is contingent on diversity against discrimination and exclusion.
Dynamic Working Environment
Contrary to conventional office settings, Consilea’s “Working Environment” is centred on people (including, between you and me, decoration and activities).
Individual Orientated
All of our activities, including leadership, operational work, and cultural activities, are centred on the individual.
Innovative and Embracing Change
If innovation is the change itself, we are pleased to embrace innovations.
Independent and Creative
In addition, every member of Consilea has their own private space and the opportunity to express their creativity.

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Job Positions

Web Developer

  • Developed projects on the WordPress framework and was knowledgeable about Hosting and VDS Servers; possessed knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and mobile technologies; kept the motivation and energy of the team at a high level; possessed an analytical perspective and quick problem-solving ability; possessed strong verbal and written communication skills; was able to adapt to flexible working hours in a fast-paced, dynamic environment; and possessed complete command of computers and technologies.
Desired percentages of specialisation;
  • Front-end Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Back-end Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Motion Design
  • Brand Strategy

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