You will learn the working system of all social media thanks to Social Media training; we offer a comprehensive learning package that includes page setup, post design, design language, content creation, content creation, and effective advertisement management. Thus, you will acquire social media management expertise by developing sales- or growth-oriented strategies to increase the interaction of your company or the page you manage.

Key Features

  • Practical instruction method
  • Integrating theory and experience
  • Online or In-Person Training Opportunities
  • Course duration is determined by demand and course content

Course Content

  • Social Media Strategies and Management
  • Investigating Social Media
  • Audience Evaluation and Segmentation
  • Analyses of competitors and sectors
  • Account administration
  • Relationship, reach, and frequency
  • Crisis administration in social media
  • Content and distribution techniques
  • Designing Social Media Posts (Applications and tools)
  • Evaluation of Social Media Marketing and Advertising Expenses and
  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing, Advertising, and Management
  • Social Media and Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) Relationship
  • Google Ads and Social Media Relationship

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No prerequisites exist.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Those interested in a career as a Social Media Specialist,
  • Working in similar fields for agencies or businesses,
  • Who wish to develop themselves in the field of social media.

Assessment Examination

All participants who pass the exam administered by the instructor at the conclusion of the course are eligible to receive the course certificate.
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